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Flavours of Mangalore

About Mangalore

Mangalore is on the shores of Arabian Sea, named after the goddess Mangala Devi. Mangalore is counted among the important port cities in South India. This port city is widely acclaimed for exporting coffee, spices and cashew in huge bulks, along with possessing a quaint charm, Mangalore is also famous for its lively beaches, terracotta tiled roofs and mouth-watering South Indian cuisine.

Mangalore has a quaint flavour of its own. On your tour to this city explore the beautiful tourist places and bring home the memories of a wonderful retreat

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Rashad A Rehman

The Chief Operating Officer

I Rashad A Rehman (C.O.O), am looking forward to saying we have become profitable while growing revenue. I look forword to us making progress on our key 2017 initiatives. I love where we are today-a passionate team with expertise in a restaurant business and large and growing customer base.
This company has been growing steadily and is now seeking to dramatically accelerate growth. We are now confident with our economic model and ready to expand our growth, both nationally and internationally